30th U.S. Open

Hosted by the Shaolin Institute

June 24th 2017

Ashbury Hotel and Suites

600 West I-65  |  Mobile, Alabama 36608

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Grand Master Shi Deru (aka, Shawn Liu Xiangyang), founder and CEO of L.I.U. International Shaolin Institute, came to the U.S. over 20 years ago, after a lifetime of immersion in Shaolin culture and martial arts. As a young child Master Liu Xiangyang entered Chan life like his mentor, Great Grand Master, spiritual Chan leader "His Holiness" Shi Suxi at the Shaolin Temple.

Back home in China, the young Liu rose to a prestigious position as one of two indoor disciples to Great Grand Master Shi Suxi, being named Shi Deru by his mentor, and becoming a 31st generation descendent of the beloved spiritual leader of the Shaolin Temple. While continuing in his studies in Shaolin Kung Fu and Shaolin Culture, Master Deru became a martial arts Master, graduated with a CMD in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the School of TCM in Anhui, worked as a physician at the #1 People's Hospital in the city of Wuhu, and earned a degree in Foreign Languages from Anhui Normal University.

When Great Grand Master Shi Suxi wrote to his protégé that it was his personal desire that his disciple "transmit the Chan & Martial Arts to the world," Shi Deru came to the U.S. as the torch bearer for Shaolin cultural heritage and martial arts.

In the U.S. he earned a Bachelor's in English with Minors in Biology and Psychology (Mobile College), a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology (University of South Alabama), while quickly establishing himself, and becoming a highly sought after martial arts coach. Since 1987 more than 100 top fighters and martial arts champions in the world have trained under Master Deru at his Shaolin Institute, among them; Patrick Barry, Cung Le, Robert Higginbotham, Kevin Nguyen, David Sanders, Wael Karika Muhammad, K.J. Noon, Li Jie, Juan Zarate and Melvin Guillard.

In the U.S. Shi Deru also devoted himself to making Sanshou/Sanda Kickboxing a worldwide sport, accomplishing that goal in 1993. He was so highly regarded that in 1994 he was voted Head Coach of the U.S. Wushu Sanshou Team by USAWKF (U.S.A. Wushu-Kungfu Federation) board members, board of advisors and national team competitors, leading the U.S. to victory in a number of international tournaments, winning many World Championship medals, and producing 5 World Champions in the process.

In 1995 Master Deru was voted Technical Chairman by instructors and officials of the International Wushu Federation (IWF) and IWF Pan American member countries, a position he holds to this day.



Originally hosted over 20 years ago, the first official US Open International Sanda/Sanshou fight was held at the Mobile Convention Center - the same field where great fighters like David Sanders and Cung Le got their start. Throughout its history, the US Open has produced hundreds of international competitors like Patrick Barry, Scott Sheeley, Michael Altman, James Cooper, Melvin Guillard, Li Jie, Rudi Ott, Wael Mohammed, Jason Yee, K.J. Noon and Albert Pope. Since its inception, some of the best Sanda, K-1, UFC and other MMA fighters began their amateur and/or professional fighting careers at the US Open International Martial Arts Championships. Today, the US Open continues the tradition of combining excellence in athletic competition with community leadership via its competitions in Kung Fu, Sanda, and Tai Chi and works continuously towards its mission of helping local area youth develop a strong sense of self-discipline, honor, and character development, and is proud to be hosted in Mobile.


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  • 704 Lakeside Dr, Mobile, AL 36693


Registration for the US Open is handled by the appointment booking form below.

Please email directly for questions, concerns, and more information. Please also follow up with within 48 hours if you do not receive a confirmation email confirming your registration for the June 24th US Open event in Mobile.

Please complete and scan or email the completed medical waiver form listed above and send to

NOTE: Appointments (Registration) can be made any time up to and including the day of the US Open, but the US Open will be held in Mobile, Al June the 24th. Please only arrive and participate on June 24th, 2017 at Ashbury Hotel and Suites 600 West I-65 Mobile, AL 36608. Registration fees are non-refundable and cover your first event or form competition (Ex: Tai Chi 108 competition = $45.00). Additional events are $10 per event competition. (Ex: Tai Chi 108 Competition + Tai Chi 27 Competition = $55.00).

Please list your specific form (ex: Northern Shaolin Long Fist) and what school you are from in the List of forms/experience section when booking your registration. Any additional information like years of experience, awards or belts, or previous competition experience is also appreciated.

Thank you.

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29th US Open Competition Winners

Sanshou Winners

Paula Cortes

Jacob Pattison

Jason Jenkins

Isaac Rosas

Josh Moore

Tim Aguirre

Deonte Durgins

Lac Ngo

Larry McGhee

Teens Shaolin 1 & 2

Andra Ferguson

Teens Wushu

Andra Ferguson

Advanced Open Hand

Sebastian Thao

Advanced Staff

Sebastian Thao

Teens Open Hand

Sebastian Thao

Adult Open Hand

Ashley Rowell

Intermediate Open Hand

Matt Vaughn

Intermediate Adult Open Hand

Logan Klein